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The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) revolution has transformed our lives. With mobile phones, computers and the Internet, we are used to communicating almost anywhere, at any time. Now we are ready for an even greater revolution: machine-to-machine communications and the application of ICT to make critical social infrastructure “smarter”.

Computing, communications and content are converging constantly to create new applications and new services. People will be able to instantly access any service or information that they want, from virtually any device. Achieving this will require ICT technology that can reliably accommodate ever more complex multimedia applications, alongside social infrastructures that use increasingly sophisticated networking systems.

Since its inception in 1998, the Telecommunications Research Laboratory (TRL) has been at the cutting edge of research into technologies including next generation wireless networking, reconfigurable device architectures and ‘smart’ systems for energy, mobile and medical applications. TRL works closely with colleagues in Toshiba's development laboratories around the world to ensure a timely transfer of technology from research towards standardisation and into products.

Today, we continue to make groundbreaking advances in emerging areas, ensuring Toshiba has the technologies to assert its position as one of the world's leading electrical, electronic and consumer product manufacturers. At TRL, we are constantly reinventing the future.

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