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A Rapid Test for Covid-19 Arrives Via a 20-year-old Technology Already in Many Hospitals

Cepheid’s microfluidics-based rapid testing system proved itself during the 2001 anthrax attacks. Now it steps into the coronavirus battle.

Publish date: 04/14/2020

How to Practice Activist Engineering

What can engineers do when their work doesn't align with their personal values of creating a better world?

Publish date: 04/07/2020

Q&A: Sourcegraph’s Universal Code Search Tool

After raising $43 million, Sourcegraph CEO Quinn Slack shares his vision for the startup's popular universal code search tool.

Publish date: 04/07/2020

Startups Unveil Tech to Fight Coronavirus; the Challenge May Be Getting Enough Engineers

New technologies track the COVID-19 outbreak via sewage sampling, embed antiviral nanoparticles into fabric via ultrasound, and more.

Publish date: 04/07/2020

IEEE Medal of Honor Goes to Transistor Pioneer Chenming Hu

The Life Fellow brought transistors into the third dimension.

Publish date: 04/01/2020

IndieBio to Give 8 Coronavirus-Tech Startups at Least $250,000 Each

Y Combinator, Plug and Play, and StartX accelerators also fast-track efforts to help entrepreneurs develop technologies to address the pandemic.

Publish date: 04/01/2020

What the Right To Repair Movement Gets Wrong

Repair should be an option not a mandate.

Publish date: 04/01/2020

Kurt Petersen, 2019 IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient, Is Mr. MEMS

An ink stain on the floor led to a lifetime of building micro devices and sensors and macro companies.

Publish date: 03/25/2020

Scientists Can Work From Home When the Lab Is in the Cloud

Strateos is building a cloud of robotic laboratories for chemists and biologists developing new drugs.

Publish date: 03/24/2020

Programming Without Code: The Rise of No-Code Software Development

Microsoft’s Power Apps, Oracle’s Visual Builder, and other tools let you create software without needing to code.

Publish date: 03/19/2020