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It Will Take More Than Antitrust Enforcement To Light Innovation’s Fire

Tech policy experts call for a new “moonshot” and systemic change to prevent innovations from breaking democracy.

Publish date: 10/19/2020

Spreading the Word About IEEE Among Young Professionals

The secretary of the IEEE Dallas Section talks about how he helped boost membership and the connections he made along the way.

Publish date: 10/19/2020

The Devil is in the Data: Overhauling the Educational Approach to AI’s Ethical Challenge

The New York University Tandon School of Engineering is taking a novel approach to educating the next generation of computer scientists and data scientists on the ethical implications of AI.

Publish date: 10/13/2020

The Problem of Old Code and Older Coders

Legacy IT systems are everywhere—and they need help.

Publish date: 10/13/2020

IEEE Experts Weigh Social Implications of Emerging Technologies in Future Pandemics

The technologies include big data, blockchain, 5G, and drones.

Publish date: 10/13/2020

EPFL President Martin Vetterli Takes On Gender Equity, COVID-19, and Science Policy

The signal processing pioneer talks about his work that led to today's popular videoconferencing and streaming services.

Publish date: 10/08/2020

What Attending Virtual CES 2021 Might Be Like

Techfluence invited press and online influencers into a tiny virtual exhibit hall in September. Can it scale?

Publish date: 10/06/2020

Once a Member, Always a Member of Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE's Honor Society

The 10th anniversary of the merger of HKN and IEEE is a good time for alumni to reconnect.

Publish date: 10/06/2020

Netflix Supplants Google as the Employer of Engineers’ Dreams

GitHub rockets into number two spot in Hired survey; Facebook trails.

Publish date: 09/28/2020

Will Relocating Engineers Embrace a Pay Cut?

A growing number of tech professionals seem to be getting used to the idea of making less for the ability to relocate.

Publish date: 09/28/2020