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Polling Is Too Hard—for Humans

Pollsters claimed they had fixed the errors of 2016, and then got the 2020 presidential election wrong. AI did better.

Publish date: 12/03/2020

McMaster Engineering: Transforming Engineering Education and Fostering Research with Impact

By adding new faculty and developing innovative approaches to its curriculum, McMaster solidifies its world leading position in engineering.

Publish date: 12/03/2020

Sunshine Comes Out to "Manage the Mundane"

Marissa Mayer’s startup is all about “nice”.

Publish date: 12/03/2020

Want to be a Global Entrepreneur? Here’s How You Can Do It

Venture advisor says it’s never been easier for your startup to have an international presence.

Publish date: 11/24/2020

Remote Learning Made Easier With This Startup’s Online Engineering Labs

More than 100 universities are running LabsLand’s experiments on electronics, robotics, and other topics.

Publish date: 11/24/2020

This Task Tracker Aims to Help Remote Workers Achieve Work-Life Balance

The Bluetooth system collects data about users’ daily activities so they can better schedule their time.

Publish date: 11/24/2020

Say Kaixo!

Europe Builds Bespoke Translation Machines.

Publish date: 11/17/2020

This Executive Director Is Leading Verizon Into the Future Through Quantum Computing

Other emerging technologies the company is working on include improving GPS and drone navigation.

Publish date: 11/17/2020

Telemedicine Comes to the Operating Room

A new system lets surgeons consult with experts without bringing them into the OR.

Publish date: 11/17/2020

It’s Time to Nominate an Innovative Colleague for an IEEE Medal

The suite of IEEE awards includes the new Frances E. Allen and Mildred Dresselhaus medals.

Publish date: 11/10/2020