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What Do Software Engineers Get Paid?

In 2020, engineers at Lyft claimed the highest salaries at the entry level, with LinkedIn topping the charts for experienced engineers.

Publish date: 01/11/2021

Peering Into the COVID-19 End Game

The pandemic will amp up contact tracing, cloud computing, surveillance, and online gaming.

Publish date: 01/11/2021

The Visionary Designer Behind Google’s Warehouse-Scale Data Centers

Luiz André Barroso, the company’s vice president of engineering, brought us cloud computing, powerful search engines, and fast Internet services.

Publish date: 01/04/2021

Customizable Shoes from This Startup Could Help Stamp Out Plastic Waste

Made from recycled materials, the shoes use the same sole but have interchangeable uppers.

Publish date: 12/22/2020

Leaders in Engineering Education Honored for Their Contributions

IEEE recognizes those who made a difference in accreditation activities, continuing education, and professional development.

Publish date: 12/22/2020

Techies Want a Vaccine Mandate Before Returning To the Office

Blind’s latest survey shows a majority of tech workers would support a workplace vaccine requirement.

Publish date: 12/17/2020

Startup’s New Type of Magnetic Sensor Could Make High-Performance Brain Imaging More Affordable and Portable

Sonera Magnetics’ imaging system could improve medical diagnostics and brain-machine interfaces.

Publish date: 12/17/2020

Ready for a Career Change? Become a Photonics Technician

IEEE, MIT, and other universities in Massachusetts have developed a training and certification program to increase the number of workers.

Publish date: 12/08/2020

Semiconductor Industry Forecast: Sunny and Bright with Few Clouds in Sight

Semiconductor industry mavens gather (virtually) to review the current state of the industry and challenges on the radar.

Publish date: 12/08/2020

What’s in Store for Next Year’s IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Virtual Conference

Speakers are being sought on topics such as AI, communications, career management, and empowerment.

Publish date: 12/08/2020