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Quantum Dots Shift Sunlight’s Spectrum to Speed Plant Growth

Quantum dots, the nanoparticles that improve color reproduction in TV displays, are migrating from the TV to the farm.

Publish date: 06/09/2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Upends Research Plans

The threat of COVID-19 has disrupted fieldwork and lab experiments.

Publish date: 06/02/2020

The Biggest Robotics Research Conference Is Now More Accessible Than Ever

Get the full ICRA experience from the safety, comfort, and affordability of wherever you happen to be stuck right now.

Publish date: 06/02/2020

Software Development Environments Move to the Cloud

The startup Coder says its cloud-based development environments can help software engineers work faster and more efficiently.

Publish date: 05/26/2020

MIT Media Lab’s Food Computer Project Permanently Shut Down

MIT fined for chemical discharge while former principal scientist Caleb Harper moves on to greener pastures.

Publish date: 05/26/2020

Coronavirus’s Economic Blow Forces Universities to Adapt

The pandemic is increasing expenses while decimating tuition and research revenue.

Publish date: 05/20/2020

How Online Learning Kept Higher Ed Open During the Coronavirus Crisis

But pandemic pedagogy is not the same as quality online learning.

Publish date: 05/20/2020

An Autism Screening Tool Led Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan To Devote Himself to Humanitarian Work

The IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award recognizes his many philanthropic projects.

Publish date: 05/20/2020

6 Tips to Help Your Startup Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

Don’t panic, be compassionate, and help others.

Publish date: 05/13/2020

9 New Suggestions For Bored Engineers

More great kits, live events, and how you can help fight COVID-19 with a Pi.

Publish date: 05/13/2020