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It's Going to be Illegal to Ask about Pay History in this State

A new law designed to help narrow the gender pay gap will go into effect in California starting in January. The salary privacy bill was enacted by California Gov. Jerry Brown on Oct. 12. The law will ban employers in the state from asking about an applicant’s salary history.

Publish date: 10/17/2017

Here’s How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

In a sea of LinkedIn pages, cover letters, and job postings, it can be hard to know what to say to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Certain words are more likely to stick out to a recruiter, according to a recent survey conducted by Grammarly, an app that acts as your personal proofreader.

Publish date: 10/17/2017

An Attitude in the Workplace

The adage “attitude is everything,” is true for life and even truer still in the workplace.

Publish date: 10/16/2017

Top Companies for Women in Tech in 2017, formerly the Anita Borg Institute, recently released a comprehensive list of the top companies that allow women to succeed in the tech industry. They analyzed data from 63 companies who in total employ more than 131,000 technologists. They also publish an insights report that illustrates trends and strides across the industry.

Publish date: 10/11/2017

Walmart Offices to use Facebook’s Slack Competitor

The largest employer in the United States is now using an enterprise version of software from America’s most popular social network. Walmart recently signed up as a customer of Facebook’s interoffice communication platform, Workplace.

Publish date: 10/10/2017

Attracting Millenials

In an industry fraught with high turn-over rates and a limited talent pool, high-tech employers are all vying for the tech-savvy millennial.

Publish date: 10/10/2017

Bridge Program for Aspiring Engineers Saves Time, Money

NYU has a new kind of bridge program for career-changers without an engineering degree. The program, dubbed The Bridge to NYU Tandon, leads to master’s degrees in four areas: bioinformatics, computer engineering, computer science and cybersecurity.

Publish date: 10/10/2017

Interviewing Your Potential Employer...and Your Competition

Preparing to be a job interviewee should also have you preparing to be the job interviewer, according to a new hiring trend gaining popularity in some industries.

Publish date: 10/10/2017

Virtual Reality Teaches Veterans to Develop Interview Skills

Can practice with a virtual reality (VR) system really hone job interview skills? Military veterans in Los Angeles are answering that question with a big thumbs-up.

Publish date: 10/04/2017

How to be a Good Coworker

There are many benefits to enjoying the company of those you work with. Aside from creating possibly meaningful friendships, good work relationships make you a better employee. You’re much more likely to be happier at work, more engaged and more productive overall. We’ll show you how to be a good office mate.

Publish date: 10/03/2017