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Interviewing Your Potential Employer...and Your Competition

Preparing to be a job interviewee should also have you preparing to be the job interviewer, according to a new hiring trend gaining popularity in some industries.

Publish date: 10/10/2017

Virtual Reality Teaches Veterans to Develop Interview Skills

Can practice with a virtual reality (VR) system really hone job interview skills? Military veterans in Los Angeles are answering that question with a big thumbs-up.

Publish date: 10/04/2017

How to be a Good Coworker

There are many benefits to enjoying the company of those you work with. Aside from creating possibly meaningful friendships, good work relationships make you a better employee. You’re much more likely to be happier at work, more engaged and more productive overall. We’ll show you how to be a good office mate.

Publish date: 10/03/2017

Welcome to the Workforce, Generation Z!

As the much-discussed millennial settles into the workforce, a new generation of workers is gearing up to join them.

Publish date: 10/02/2017

Tips for a Healthy Work Space

The workplace can oftentimes leave us feeling not-so-great. With its typically drab walls, recirculated air and constant sitting, eight hours can you leave you feeling less than productive and not-so-healthy. Now, a recent study has come up with a few tips for feeling better at the office. And it all starts at your desk.

Publish date: 10/02/2017

Emojis: Suitable for Workplace Communications?

With a variety of emojis available to represent your every feeling—creeping in and out of our daily communications to express wonder, fear, relief, sadness, etc.—it should come as no surprise that their use in business communications has sparked debate.

Publish date: 09/25/2017

Fewer Millennial Women in STEM?

Several surprising and disturbing trends revealed in a recent Population Reference Bureau report indicate that young women in the United States no longer experience the improvements in well-being that baby-boom generation women experienced. This decline is affecting millennial participation in STEM-oriented careers.

Publish date: 09/21/2017

Gender Pay Equality … By When?

The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported good news: for the first time since 2007, women narrowed their income gap with men, achieving an increase of about one percent to 80 cents on the dollar. But with this good news, comes some bad news too. The wage gap may not go away anytime soon.

Publish date: 09/19/2017

I’m Not Qualified. Should I Apply Anyway?

Now that unemployment is the lowest it has been in 16 years, many employers are complaining about the dearth of qualified applicants. Why not take a stab at landing a dream job?

Publish date: 09/19/2017

Could Your Company Help You Pay Down Student Loans?

Recently, Fidelity Investments announced a program that will let employers make payments to their employees’ student loan account, just like they contribute to a retirement fund.

Publish date: 09/19/2017