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Some Tips for Constructing an Appealing Resume: Part 2

Gone are the days when we had to craft a “career objective” detailing our intent for sending out the resume in the first place. In lieu of the career objective, resume professionals are now suggesting that employees include a “career summary” instead. The career summary is a paragraph or a few lines breaking down who you are and what you have done instead of what you want. It gives job seekers a chance to read details about you that might include information that sets you apart from other candidates. Not like the traditional “career objective” that revealed very little about the candidate and often sounded just like every other career objective.

Publish date: 11/13/2017

Software Development: Occupational Snapshot 2017

What software development jobs pay the most in 2017? Stack Overflow, the 7+ million member developer community, has answers to this and many other questions in its annual community survey.

Publish date: 11/10/2017

Trends in the Job Market

The 2017-2018 job market will be a competitive one according to Michigan State University’s Recruiting Trends, an annual survey of some of the nation’s employers.

Publish date: 11/08/2017

This Company is Offering a Sweet Benefit to Non-Smokers

After seeing how much time colleagues spent going outside to smoke, non-smokers posed questions about their coworker's productivity. To remedy the concern, one Japanese company is offering non-smoking employees extra paid time off as compensation for their coworkers’ smoke breaks.

Publish date: 11/07/2017

Some Tips for Constructing an Appealing Resume: Part 1

Before you meet with a prospective employer face to face, your first introduction to them is through your resume. A well-constructed resume can get you the interview; a poorly-constructed one will get your resume tossed in the recycle bin. So how do you craft a resume that is both eye-catching and impressive? Here are some tips:

Publish date: 11/06/2017

Will an Algorithm Replace Me?

Greg Adamson, a University of Melbourne electrical and computer engineering faculty member, claims that 2025-2035 will be the critical period for the demise of traditional work. He goes on to propose that, “even the best scholars in the field put artificially-happy messages at the end of their books and articles.”

Publish date: 11/02/2017

Cool Job Alert: Emoji Translator

Companies often hire out translating services, but now there’s someone to translate something without words — but used to communicate more and more often — emojis. Here's more about one company that recently hired the world’s first Emoji Translator.

Publish date: 10/31/2017

Entrepreneur Advocates for Working From Home

"I'm a great believer in people working from home. I encourage our staff if they want to work from home," the founder of the Virgin empire says.

Publish date: 10/30/2017

Trends in Employer Benefits

Employers are becoming more proactive where it concerns employee health, according to recent trends. Because sick employees can mean lost productivity costing businesses almost $225.8 billion annually ($1,685 per employee), employers have been offering employees benefits that might help reduce that amount by encouraging them to get healthy.

Publish date: 10/30/2017

We Could All Be Freelancers Within a Decade

A majority of the American workforce will be freelancers within the next few years, according to a recent study released by the online freelance site Upwork and the Freelancers Union.

Publish date: 10/26/2017