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AI Recruiting Tools Aim to Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence software promises to make hiring fairer. But how well does it work?

Publish date: 07/30/2020

Black Tech Professionals Are Still Paid Less Than Their White Colleagues

And women make less than their male colleagues, regardless of racial identity.

Publish date: 07/28/2020

Top Programming Languages 2020

Python rules the roost, but Cobol gets a pandemic bump.

Publish date: 07/23/2020

Nairobi IEEE Students Design a Low-Cost Ventilator Using Locally Sourced Materials

Members of the Kenyatta University Student Branch have produced hundreds of machines.

Publish date: 07/23/2020

Fun Activity Sheets Introduce Kids to the World of Robots

Bored kids at home? These free, printable worksheets will help kids learn about robots.

Publish date: 07/21/2020

The Uncertain Future of Ham Radio

Software-defined radio and cheap hardware are shaking up a hobby long associated with engineering.

Publish date: 07/16/2020

A Virtual Reality Bias Simulator

New company aims to create better workplaces by putting employees in others’ shoes.

Publish date: 07/15/2020

How Violence and Segregation Destroyed African American Innovation

Economist Lisa D. Cook’s research shows that African American patent levels didn’t recover to their per capita 1899 peak until 2010.

Publish date: 07/13/2020

Entering a Building May Soon Involve a Thermal Scan and Facial Recognition

Businesses install facial recognition software that simultaneously screens for fevers in what could become the new normal.

Publish date: 07/07/2020

Researchers Create Shiny Rainbows of Nanotech Chocolate

Chocolate is the latest material to be colorized by nanotechnology instead of chemical dyes.

Publish date: 07/07/2020