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Achieving Productivity in the Workplace: Part 1

Productivity in the workplace is difficult to maintain, especially when bombarded with endless meetings, emails and calls, not to mention new projects and other assignments on top of an already overflowing work “plate.”

Publish date: 04/30/2018

Ten Cities Where Women See Career Success

As of February 2018, the U.S Department of Labor reports that nearly 47 percent of the American workforce is female. Where can nearly half the workforce find success? Real estate company SmartAsset recently released some findings on which American cities women could look to.

Publish date: 04/27/2018

Noise in the Workplace

Publishing their findings in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, researchers estimate that 41 million U.S. workers are affected by workplace noise.

Publish date: 04/23/2018

Being Nice Isn’t Enough: For Workplace Success, You Also Need to Be Intelligent

It isn’t enough to just be a nice person to get ahead in the workplace. You also need to be intelligent, says research from the Universities of Bristol, Minnesota and Heidelberg.

Publish date: 04/23/2018

Can’t Sleep? Behave Better at Work

Workers pay for their bad behavior during the workday with insomnia or poor sleep at night. A group of University of Iowa researchers reached this conclusion after three studies with a test group of 600 U.S. and Chinese workers.

Publish date: 04/20/2018

Will Salary History Bans Boost Women’s Salaries?

Positive change for women's salary equality is gaining momentum from a combination of local legislation and a signal US Appeals Court ruling handed down on April 9, 2018, that forbids employers from asking interviewees about their salary histories.

Publish date: 04/20/2018

Your Job Might Be Killing You

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford, believes that workplace stress (e.g., long hours, lack of health insurance, high demands) is killing employees.

Publish date: 04/17/2018

Want to be Happy at Work? Be Your Own Boss

The secret to a happy and fulfilling career is as simple as being your own boss, according to research from the Universities of Sheffield and Exeter.

Publish date: 04/17/2018

You Thought the Interview Went Well, But You Hear Nothing. What to Do?

Sometimes, days turn into weeks, the phone still doesn’t ring, and your inbox remains stagnant. You may begin to rack your brain about what you could have done differently or if they hired someone else. But there’s a lot you can do no matter what happens and it’ll all be part of the learning process.

Publish date: 04/17/2018

Daily Motivation on Your Phone

A lot of push alerts that come across our phones are things we could do without. Bad news, questions, pressing emails. But what if among all the noise, some encouragement came through?

Publish date: 04/11/2018