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An App to Report Harassment, Discrimination

As workplace harassment and discrimination continue to make headlines, developers have created an app to report such incidents.

Publish date: 03/19/2018

Yes, There are Benefits to Stabbing a Voodoo Doll of Your Boss

Many of us have had a boss that’s gotten under our skin or we didn’t see eye to eye with. Rather than letting resentment and anger build, new research says this form of “therapy” can help ease tensions. Get a voodoo doll.

Publish date: 03/14/2018

Are Standing Desks a Sham?

While standing and treadmill desks in the office are considered to be better for employees than prolonged sitting, researchers from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland suggest that there is little evidence to support that claim, calling it marketing-speak in a new study.

Publish date: 03/12/2018

You’ve Sent Out Your Resume, Now What? Part 2

Part 2 of You’ve Sent Out Your Resume, Now What?

Publish date: 03/12/2018

Why Do People Change Jobs?

With so many shifting trends in modern employment, this data can provide a slice of insight for how the future of the workforce will look.

Publish date: 03/08/2018

Not Everyone Wants to See Dogs in the Workplace, Study

Fast-becoming a popular benefit in the workplace, letting employees bring their beloved dogs to work with them is not viewed as a benefit by everyone, according to a new survey from YouGov.

Publish date: 03/05/2018

You’ve Sent Out Your Resume, Now What? Part 1

You’ve likely heard it before: It is far easier to find a job when you have one than it is when you don’t. While there is truth in that statement, sometimes we aren’t lucky enough to control our own destinies.

Publish date: 03/05/2018

Where Are the Digital Careers?

What way are digital careers going? The Be-IT annual salary survey provides a snapshot of average salary levels for a broad range of role. They range from jobs in analysis to infrastructure and from entry-level jobs to management roles within Scotland’s digital technology sector.

Publish date: 03/01/2018

Workplace Crying: How is it Perceived?

Crying in the workplace can damage a woman’s career, according to Professor Kimberly Elsbach of the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis.

Publish date: 02/26/2018

An App to Detect Stress Levels

Many businesses may experience lost productivity amounting to hundreds of hours each year thanks to stress-related absences in the workplace. Now, Soma Analytics is hoping to reduce that number with the introduction of an app.

Publish date: 02/26/2018