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Companies Offering "Pawternity" Leave When Employees Adopt a Pet

Bringing home a new furry friend can be a lot of work, especially at first as they get acclimated to your home. Some companies are offering a way to ease the transition with what’s being called “pawternity leave” or a few paid days off to care for a new pet.

Publish date: 08/21/2018

More Responsibility but Not More Money

A promotion without a raise? More job responsibilities without a raise or a promotion? The pros and cons of these two related situations deserve thoughtful evaluation.

Publish date: 08/20/2018

Engineers and the Gig Economy

How will the gig economy affect the current and future employment options for engineers?

Publish date: 08/17/2018

Survey Reveals Two Biggest Workplace Faux Pas

The two biggest workplace faux pas you can commit, according to a recent survey from Accountemps, that are sure to upset both your manager and your coworkers, are running late and gossiping, respectively.

Publish date: 08/15/2018

Napping to Improve Workday Productivity

Feeling worn out and the idea of going about the rest of your work day is unbearable? Go ahead and take a nap.

Publish date: 08/15/2018

Fun at Work: More Important Than You Think

While you may not directly associate the workplace with fun, it’s important that the environment where you spend many of your waking hours has some parts that make you happy.

Publish date: 08/09/2018

Avoiding the Spotlight at Work

Some professional women deliberately avoid seeking the spotlight at work. What prompts this potentially career-damaging behavior? Can the impact be positive?

Publish date: 08/08/2018

Prepping Your Social Media Accounts for Your Job Search

More and more often, companies are checking more than a potential employee’s work history and education. There’s often a check of their social media channels and sometimes what is found could cost someone a potential opportunity.

Publish date: 08/08/2018

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans Work a Side Gig, According to Survey

That number means roughly 4 in 10 American workers are doing side jobs ranging from home repairs, gig economy jobs as well as positions in child care, ride-sharing, freelance writing and sales, to name a few.

Publish date: 08/08/2018

Can’t Button Your Pants? Maybe Work is to Blame?

You start your work-week with the best of intentions: your lunch includes lots of fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks. Unfortunately, as soon as you pass through the lobby of your office, you can smell them: doughnuts.

Publish date: 08/08/2018