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This Program Opens New Doors to Refugees

Recently in Amman, Jordan, a class of 18 students – half of them refugees -- began a one-year course of study in computer science and entrepreneurship. Part of the Refugee Action (ReACT) Certificate Program that grew out of a global challenges competition at MIT, the program will include internships with local companies and could help attendees secure better-paying jobs.

Publish date: 01/31/2018

Is Your Password on This List?

A lot of people use passwords that are considered “bad,” according to the password management company SplashData. With more and more information going digital, it’s increasingly important to pick a password that can cut down on the risk of being hacked.

Publish date: 01/31/2018

Does Your Employer Have an Inclement Weather Policy?

With inclement weather affecting a significant portion of the country in recent weeks, many people are likely being forced to miss work thanks to treacherous road conditions.

Publish date: 01/29/2018

Certain Wording in Job Advertisements May Keep Women from Applying

According to a recent study from researchers at Ghent University in Belgium, using the wrong words in a job advertisement can discourage some women from applying.

Publish date: 01/29/2018

Imec’s SWEET Study Collects World’s Largest Dataset on Stress

Imec’s Stress in the Work Environment (SWEET) study captured data from more than 1,000 people and is the first large-scale study that used clinical-grade wearables to establish the link between mental stress and physiological symptoms in daily life.

Publish date: 01/24/2018

Want a Job in a Warmer Climate? Head to Arizona

Chandler, Arizona, tops WalletHub's list of Best Places to Find a Job in 2018, swapping spots with neighboring Scottsdale, which topped the 2017 list. Peoria and Gilbert, also cities in the Phoenix MSA, are fourth and fifth, respectively.

Publish date: 01/24/2018

Mobile Device Use at Home May Create Conflict with Spouse, Workplace

From a survey of 344 married couples — all of whom worked full-time and also dealt with work tasks from home using mobile devices — researchers determined that couples using mobile devices during time meant for family reported lower job satisfaction and lower job performance.

Publish date: 01/23/2018

Three Phrases Likely to Kill Innovation in the Workplace

Commonly-used phrases popular in the business world may very likely be killing employee innovation in the workplace. While most people want to work for an innovative company, oftentimes the tone and words used in workplace conversations and internal communications might unintentionally be suffocating creative thinking.

Publish date: 01/23/2018

The Ideal Work Day for You Based on Your Body’s Sleep Habits

Many of us start the day with a caffeinated beverage or … three. But have you thought about the importance of the timing of that cup of coffee or tea? One sleep specialist claims it’s based on your sleep type.

Publish date: 01/19/2018

Neck and Shoulder Strengthening Exercises: The Answer to Workplace Comfort?

Countless studies have shown the dangers of uninterrupted sitting in the workplace ranging from complaints about minor aches and pains to heart trouble.

Publish date: 01/17/2018