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This Startup’s Software Programs Industrial Robots, Without Coding

Augmentus’s intuitive robot-programming platform uses AI and computer vision algorithms.

Publish date: 02/04/2021

Working Remotely? Here Are 3 Tips to Make Your Virtual Presentations Shine

Learn how to master the videoconferencing medium.

Publish date: 02/04/2021

Completely Changing Careers—and Still Coding

Carl Howe has gone from computer scientist to analyst to educator.

Publish date: 02/04/2021

CES 2021: FEMA's Emergency Alert System Coming to a Game or Gadget Near You?

All FEMA needs is a few good developers to bring emergency alerts into games and other virtual worlds.

Publish date: 01/26/2021

Certification Program Aims to Close Skills Gap in Renewable Energy

The program will be based on the popular IEEE distributed energy resources interconnection standard.

Publish date: 01/26/2021

CES 2021: My Top 3 Gadgets of the Show—and 3 of the Weirdest

Some ideas for new consumer products introduced at CES 2021 get five stars, others get five question marks.

Publish date: 01/26/2021

CES 2021: A Countertop Chocolate Factory Could Be This Year’s Best Kitchen Gadget

And a spoon that electrifies your tongue to help you taste better might be the weirdest gizmo at CES.

Publish date: 01/21/2021

This AWS Machine Learning Manager is Rooting Out Bias in AI Programs

Nashlie Sephus is also working to transform her Mississippi hometown into a tech hub.

Publish date: 01/21/2021

Creating Silicon Valley 2.0

To bring the engineering talent of the entire world to a single focus, we need virtualization. One way to get it is by using gaming platforms.

Publish date: 01/21/2021

Will Alphabet’s Unionization Effort Spread to Other Big Tech Companies?

Engineering unions are rare, particularly those organized around social instead of economic issues.

Publish date: 01/11/2021