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Job Satisfaction Jumps for U.S. Engineers While Salary Growth Slows

Tech professionals involved with consumer product development claim top earnings spot in IEEE-USA’s latest salary survey.

Publish date: 09/15/2020

Supporting Black Scholars in Robotics

A new reading list aims to address racial inequality in academic robotics by highlighting the work of Black researchers.

Publish date: 09/15/2020

Anti-Phishing Testers Put Themselves on the Hook

Pretending to be the IRS, even in self-defense, turns out to be a bad idea.

Publish date: 09/01/2020

How I Helped a Disabled Friend With a Cycle-By-Wire Recumbent Trike

Engineering couldn’t cure a devastating illness, but it could still help someone cope with it.

Publish date: 09/01/2020

Emrod Chases The Dream Of Utility-Scale Wireless Power Transmission

Since the days of Nikola Tesla, engineers have tried to make it practical to transmit large amounts of electricity. A government-backed startup says they are close.

Publish date: 09/01/2020

The AxiDraw MiniKit Is the Modern XY Plotter You Didn’t Know You Wanted

AxiDraw plotters have become a new platform for tinkerers. This smaller model is perfect for experiments.

Publish date: 08/25/2020

Is English Your Second Language? Polish Your Skills With a New IEEE Course

Participants will learn how to communicate with other engineers in a technical setting.

Publish date: 08/25/2020

How to Better Prepare Faculty to Teach Remotely

Four best practices for schools to follow as they transition to online education during the pandemic.

Publish date: 08/21/2020

Engineers in Rio de Janeiro Roll Up Their Sleeves to Repair Ventilators

IEEE volunteers are fixing crucial COVID-19 hospital equipment.

Publish date: 08/21/2020

The Lucid Air EV Crushes 500 Miles-On-a-Single-Charge Barrier

Lucid Air has achieved a Holy Grail of EV technology—an electric car that sneers at "range anxiety".

Publish date: 08/18/2020