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How I Helped a Disabled Friend With a Cycle-By-Wire Recumbent Trike

Engineering couldn’t cure a devastating illness, but it could still help someone cope with it.

Publish date: 09/01/2020

Emrod Chases The Dream Of Utility-Scale Wireless Power Transmission

Since the days of Nikola Tesla, engineers have tried to make it practical to transmit large amounts of electricity. A government-backed startup says they are close.

Publish date: 09/01/2020

The AxiDraw MiniKit Is the Modern XY Plotter You Didn’t Know You Wanted

AxiDraw plotters have become a new platform for tinkerers. This smaller model is perfect for experiments.

Publish date: 08/25/2020

Is English Your Second Language? Polish Your Skills With a New IEEE Course

Participants will learn how to communicate with other engineers in a technical setting.

Publish date: 08/25/2020

How to Better Prepare Faculty to Teach Remotely

Four best practices for schools to follow as they transition to online education during the pandemic.

Publish date: 08/21/2020

Engineers in Rio de Janeiro Roll Up Their Sleeves to Repair Ventilators

IEEE volunteers are fixing crucial COVID-19 hospital equipment.

Publish date: 08/21/2020

The Lucid Air EV Crushes 500 Miles-On-a-Single-Charge Barrier

Lucid Air has achieved a Holy Grail of EV technology—an electric car that sneers at "range anxiety".

Publish date: 08/18/2020

Startup’s Thermal Imaging and AR System for Firefighters Joins the COVID-19 Fight

Longan Vision’s two-camera system has been adapted to do temperature checks of people in public spaces.

Publish date: 08/18/2020

When the Software Talent is in Africa, and the Jobs Are Everywhere Else

Startup Andela aims to bring the world's tech jobs to Africa--and the pandemic's push to remote work just might help its efforts.

Publish date: 08/18/2020

On Solid Ground

Throughout the world, buildings have become safer and safer. Pagani Geotechnical has been contributing to this continuous improvement for almost 50 years, by developing compact, automated geotechnical equipment and tests.

Publish date: 08/11/2020