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Girls With Working Mothers Earn More

A study, which surveyed family and career data on more than 100,000 working parents, found that girls who grew up with a working mother had better, higher paying jobs.

Publish date: 11/01/2018

Overcoming Interview Jitters

Interview jitters are very common, but they can affect how someone answers questions or the impression someone leaves on the interviewer.

Publish date: 11/01/2018

Whom Do You Trust? Building Trust at Work

Trust between colleagues builds over time through an accumulation of small satisfactory interactions that demonstrate competence, reliability, honesty, integrity and other such qualities through repeated interactions.

Publish date: 11/01/2018

Survey Reveals That Men Enjoy Housework More Than Work

Results from a recent time-use survey conducted by the Centre for Time Use Research suggest that men might enjoy household chores more than they enjoy their own jobs.

Publish date: 10/30/2018

Benefits Losing Favor in the Workplace

In an age where some of the most coveted workplace benefits include being able to bring your dog to work or being allotted time and space for a nap, experts say some long-lived employee benefits are no longer all that popular in the workplace.

Publish date: 10/30/2018

How to Deal When You Mess Up At Work

Everyone makes mistakes. Slipping up at work is never ideal but it happens. There is always a way to deal with these situations professionally. Here’s how.

Publish date: 10/24/2018

Working While Commuting

Instead of using the time it takes to commute to and from work to unwind, catch up on the news or read a book, most workers report using this time to now catch up on work-related emails. Unfortunately, those valuable hours spent working while in transit go unpaid, exacting a toll on employee health and wellness.

Publish date: 10/23/2018

The Benefits of a Short Vacation

A new trend is shaping how Americans vacation and it involves taking abbreviated vacations instead of the traditional week-long vacations of yesterday.

Publish date: 10/23/2018

Your Desk Might Be the Loneliest Place for You

Technology has made it seem like we are closer than ever. Most people are now constantly aware of what their friends are doing across the globe or even just across the street. However, this has also created some toxic consequences.

Publish date: 10/23/2018

Are Lateral Job Moves a Good Idea?

Making a lateral career move can be a smart decision for both employees and employers

Publish date: 10/18/2018