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Elon Musk Believes That World Can Change with an 80-Hour Workweek

When asked how many hours of work a week it would take to change the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk answered that it would take an 80-hour workweek, according to recent reports.

Publish date: 12/13/2018

The Benefits of Working a Second Job, Part 2

Part 2 of the benefits of working a second job.

Publish date: 12/13/2018

Study: Lack of Sick Leave and Financial Worry Often Connected

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Cleveland State University recently investigated the possible correlation between paid sick leave and financial worry.

Publish date: 12/05/2018

Often No Reward for Innovative Women in the Workplace

Employers are always on the lookout for the latest in innovation. But according to research, when that innovation comes from a female employee, that employee is less likely to be rewarded than if it had come from a man.

Publish date: 12/04/2018

The Benefits of Working a Second Job, Part 1

Part 1 of the benefits of working a second job.

Publish date: 12/04/2018

Job Titles for the 21st Century

In a labor market with extremely low unemployment, companies are frequently fishing in the same pool for workers with up-to-date education and skills.

Publish date: 11/29/2018

As Brand Loyalty Grows, IT Departments Struggle to FInd Balance

As loyalty to certain products and program grow, tech workplaces are working to strike a balance between what employees want and what they can provide.

Publish date: 11/29/2018

IBM Watson and Kronos to Offer Hourly Employees Career Guidance

A new collaboration between IBM Watson and the workforce management platform Kronos will offer hourly workers access to a virtual career coach.

Publish date: 11/28/2018

Apple to Offer Training Sessions to Women in Tech

The aim of the program, according to Esther Hare, Apple’s senior director of world developer marketing, is to engage women in the technology field — a field with few female representatives.

Publish date: 11/28/2018

Baby Boomers are Delaying Retirement to Care for Parents

The number of baby boomers caring for both their elderly parents and adult children is growing, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

Publish date: 11/21/2018