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Early Warning System Predicts Risk of Online Students Dropping Out

It’s easy enough for students to sign up for online university courses, but getting them to finish is much harder.

Publish date: 05/01/2019

Silicon Valley’s Highest-Paying Tech Jobs

Job-search site Indeed crunched its Silicon Valley hiring numbers for 2018, looking at tech job searches, salaries, and employers, and found that engineers who combine tech skills with business skills as directors of product management earn the most, with an average salary of US $186,766.

Publish date: 04/30/2019

Who’s Firing? (Oracle, Space X), Who’s Hiring? (Sony, Glassdoor), and Who’s Paying in Bitcoin?

Were more engineering jobs created or lost in the first months of 2019? The biggest news came in March, when Oracle started clearcutting engineers around the world.

Publish date: 04/30/2019

IEEE WIE Conference to Focus on Ways to Boost the Number of Women in Senior Positions

Although female engineers have made great strides in the past few decades, the number of them in high-level positions is still low compared with male engineers.

Publish date: 04/25/2019

Find Your Next Tech Job in One of These Boom Towns

Tech’s share of the Silicon Valley job market continues to grow, in spite of the loud and constant complaints about dramatically escalating housing costs. That’s the conclusion of a study by job site Indeed.

Publish date: 04/25/2019

Tips for EE Students on Getting Skills They Need for the Workplace

As a new college graduate, you might think all you need to get a job is a killer résumé that shows you can master the position’s technical aspects. But you also need to become adept at communicating with people, according to Harry T. Roman, the author of a new IEEE-USA e-book, Transitioning From Student to Engineer.

Publish date: 04/25/2019

Cybersecurity Job Openings Boom, Pool of U.S. Job-Seekers Shrinks

Recruitment site Indeed has good news for cybersecurity professionals: Demand is booming around the world.

Publish date: 04/25/2019

IoT Security and AI Ethics Among Topics to Be Featured at Annual IEEE Event

This year’s IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC Summit) not only addresses crucial technologies but also highlights the need for more female technologists.

Publish date: 04/23/2019

What Happens When Good Engineers Write Bad Software?

Our lives are plagued by software failures. Usually it happens on a personal scale, but sometimes the impact can be international in scope, as when an airline booking system goes down. With software such a critical part of modern life, the question remains: Why is so much of it so bad?

Publish date: 04/17/2019

Who Hired A Lot in 2018?

What tech companies have tried to hire the most engineers in 2018? Job search firm took a look at job postings from January through November and found Amazon and Microsoft were at the front of the pack for the United States as a whole, while Apple and Amazon ranked one and two, respectively, for Silicon Valley.

Publish date: 04/17/2019