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Revealing the Hidden Beauty of Common Components

Eric Schlaepfer showcases the surprisingly intricate structures of capacitors, LEDs, connectors, and other often-overlooked parts.

Publish date: 07/29/2019

Semiconductor CEOs on Computing’s Big Role in Slowing the Advance of Climate Change

The end of Moore’s Law will drive a renaissance in chip innovation, CEOs say. But the semiconductor industry must face the existential question of power consumption driving climate change.

Publish date: 07/29/2019

Where Are All the Mobile Developers?

Job openings for mobile developers are booming while interest from job seekers trails off, says a new study from Indeed.

Publish date: 07/23/2019

Tech Workers Are Finding Jobs Outside of Traditional Tech

Banks, agricultural companies, and utilities are hiring more tech employees than ever before.

Publish date: 07/23/2019

UbiquitiLink Wants To Turn Every Cellphone Into a Satellite Phone

Satellite start-up UbiquitiLink's patented technology allows ordinary cellphones to use satellites like cell towers, bringing cheap messaging to millions

Publish date: 07/23/2019

Alaska’s Engineering Colleges Prepare to Slash Programs, Lay Off Faculty

Dramatic cuts to the budget of the state’s only public university put its engineering programs in jeopardy

Publish date: 07/23/2019

One Driver Steers Two Trucks With Peloton’s Autonomous Follow System

The technology is currently being tested on closed tracks, the company says.

Publish date: 07/17/2019

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Need Engineers With AI and Robotics Skills

University of Illinois power electronics instructor Philip Krein explains the training new hires need.

Publish date: 07/17/2019

First the E-Bike, Next the Flying Car

This company thinks its 3D-printing technology for carbon fiber can do anything.

Publish date: 07/17/2019

Humanoid Robots Teach Coping Skills to Children With Autism

Roboticist Ayanna Howard explains what inspired her to work on assistive technologies for kids

Publish date: 07/10/2019