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How Expat Engineers Can Make a Difference Back Home

Tips for expat engineers who want to engage with their countries of origin.

Publish date: 09/24/2019

Spoken Language Technology Takes on Dementia

The platform being developed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong aims to automate common assessment tests.

Publish date: 09/24/2019

Q&A: How Google Implements Code Coverage at Massive Scale

An analysis by Google researchers reveals how the company's engineers manage code coverage across one billion lines of code.

Publish date: 09/24/2019

In Their Dreams: Where Tech Professionals Long to Work

Google, Netflix, Airbnb, and SpaceX top rankings of tech workers’ favorite companies.

Publish date: 09/19/2019

U.S. Engineering Salaries Jump; Smartphone Developers Win Big

IEEE’s annual salary survey reveals which engineers earn the most—and least.

Publish date: 09/18/2019

Wanted: Engineers with Clean-Energy Training and Experience

Green-energy education options developed by SUNY will help feed new demand in New York state.

Publish date: 09/18/2019

Children’s Books That Aim to Bridge the Gender Gap

IEEE Member Kerrine Bryan discusses Butterfly Books, her publishing company

Publish date: 09/09/2019

The Top Programming Languages 2019

Python remains the big kahuna, but specialist languages hold their own

Publish date: 09/09/2019

Campaign Features Tech Experts’ Contributions In Key Technologies

The impact that IEEE members have had on the world of technology is obvious—including work that helped humans land on the moon and the popular IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard—but not all the stories about their contributions have been told.

Publish date: 09/09/2019

3 Ways for Engineers to Leverage Their Social Media Accounts

You can get a career boost through clever use of Twitter, even if you don’t have hordes of followers.

Publish date: 09/03/2019