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IBM Again Faces Allegations of Targeting Older Workers in Layoffs

Last September, IEEE Spectrum reported on a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of three former IBM employees who say their firings were part of a pattern of age discrimination by the company. IBM adamantly refuted the accusations, insisting that any changes in its workforce were “about skills, not age.”

Publish date: 04/03/2019

Leadership at Every Stage of Your Engineering Career

While everyone’s journey is different, many freshly minted EEs dream of leading major projects, or ascending to the C-suite of a large company. If that’s your goal, engineering career experts agree there are some common milestones to aim for on the way up.

Publish date: 03/26/2019

Workers Worry About Layoffs at Tesla, eBay, Snapchat

Who’s afraid of a looming layoff? Blind, a social network that anonymously connects employees with others in their workplaces, asked its users that question last week, and nearly 9,000 responded.

Publish date: 03/26/2019

2020 Olympic Organizers Introduce Two Robots That Will Assist Workers, Wheelchair Users at Tokyo Games

Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, organizers have debuted two robots that will be assisting attendees, workers and athletes at the games as part of its Robotic Project.

Publish date: 03/21/2019

If Automation Takes Over, Women Stand to Lose the Most

Women are the most at risk of career peril if automation eliminates some job roles as researchers anticipate, according to a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Publish date: 03/21/2019

Machine Learning Engineer Tops Indeed's list of 25 Best Jobs

According to a new survey, machine learning engineer tops the 2019 list of best jobs in the U.S. The survey, conducted by career-related search engine Indeed, placed machine learning engineer at number one on the list of 25 best jobs in the U.S. for 2019.

Publish date: 03/21/2019

Survey: Half of US Workers Would Hand Over Certain Tasks to Robots

According to a new survey, nearly half of American office workers would happily delegate work tasks that they dislike to robots and artificial intelligence (AI).

Publish date: 03/21/2019

Tech Companies in China in Search of "Good Looking" Tech Workers

Following criticism last year for using sexist recruitment language in job advertisements, Chinese Tech companies seem to be at it again, according to reports.

Publish date: 03/14/2019

Study: Fast Robots May Demoralize Human Co-workers

According to Cornell University-led research, when robots defeat humans in contests with monetary prizes, humans tend to expend less energy on their efforts because they feel less competent than the robots, which, in turn, leads to an overall dislike of the robots — findings that could eventually impact human-robot relations in the workplace.

Publish date: 03/14/2019

NYU Calling on Citizen Scientists to Train Machine models on Noise Pollution Sounds

Researchers at New York University (NYU) are calling on citizen scientists to participate in a study addressing urban noise pollution.

Publish date: 03/14/2019