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Do You Work in Tech? Seattle May Be the Best City for You

An analysis of top U.S. metros for tech professionals puts five cities above San Francisco, and 18 above San Jose.

Publish date: 01/31/2020

Profile: Christian Wanamaker Teaches Robots to Learn How to Help Students

Teachers can train robots to help students with autism spectrum disorder with this programmer's code.

Publish date: 01/29/2020

Engineering a Repairable World

It's time for engineers to champion repair.

Publish date: 01/29/2020

Tech Professions Dominate Rankings of Best Jobs in the U.S.

Front-end engineers and Java developers push data scientists out of Glassdoor’s top jobs spot.

Publish date: 01/21/2020

Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens: It’s the Real Deal

Startup Mojo Vision unveils working prototypes of AR contact lenses.

Publish date: 01/21/2020

Are Your Students Bored? This AI Could Tell You

A new software program attempts to recognize students’ emotions to aid teachers, but faces aren’t so easy to read.

Publish date: 01/21/2020

CES 2020: The Best—and Wildest—Gadgets

An electric hydrofoiling bicycle, consumer lidar, and an air conditioner that uses water instead of coolant caught my attention at CES 2020.

Publish date: 01/15/2020

CES 2020 Trends: Get Ready for Holographs, Augmented Reality, and Smart Bathrooms

CES 2020: Here are a few trends to watch.

Publish date: 01/15/2020

Meet the IEEE Fellows Class of 2020

More than 280 senior members have earned the distinction.

Publish date: 01/15/2020

CES 2020 News: Delta Airlines Dips Into Parallel Realities at Detroit Metro Airport

It seems like magic, but hundreds of people in airports will soon be able to look at the same screen and see completely different things.

Publish date: 01/15/2020