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Arizona Man Sues State Agency Over Right to Call Himself an Engineer

The suit is the latest to position an individual against a state agency responsible for engineering licensing regulations and enforcement.

Publish date: 12/30/2019

What Programming Languages Do You Need to Work in Data Science?

Data science employers want their software engineers to know Python, along with Hadoop, R, and Spark, but the picture is changing quickly.

Publish date: 12/30/2019

This Gift Will Help Your Aspiring Engineer Learn Technology

Know someone that is hard to shop for? We have the perfect gift for you.

Publish date: 12/13/2019

Power Electronics Pioneer’s Inventions Have Made Renewable Energy More Affordable

IEEE Fellow Frede Blaabjerg received the Global Energy Prize for his contributions.

Publish date: 12/11/2019

What Are Your Options for Cognitive Enhancement?

Some technologists use psychedelics to boost creativity and productivity. Here’s how to get similar benefits through more conventional approaches.

Publish date: 12/11/2019

Who’s Hiring Engineers? (TSMC, Oracle, Ikea) Who’s Firing Them? (HP, WeWork, Symantec)

Checking in on engineering job news as 2019 draws to a close.

Publish date: 12/11/2019

AI and The Future of Work: The Prospects for Tomorrow’s Jobs

MIT conference considers companies that have implemented job-friendly AI.

Publish date: 12/03/2019

In 2016, Microsoft’s Racist Chatbot Revealed the Dangers of Online Conversation

The bot learned language from people on Twitter—but it also learned values.

Publish date: 12/03/2019

The First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable Was a Bold, Beautiful Failure

The Atlantic Telegraph Company’s 1858 failure set the stage for success just eight years later.

Publish date: 12/03/2019

CodeChix Founder on Why She Followed Her Passion

Rupa Dachere gave up a full-time engineering job to focus on increasing the number of women software developers.

Publish date: 11/25/2019