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How to Practice Activist Engineering

What can engineers do when their work doesn't align with their personal values of creating a better world?

Publish date: 04/07/2020

Q&A: Sourcegraph’s Universal Code Search Tool

After raising $43 million, Sourcegraph CEO Quinn Slack shares his vision for the startup's popular universal code search tool.

Publish date: 04/07/2020

Startups Unveil Tech to Fight Coronavirus; the Challenge May Be Getting Enough Engineers

New technologies track the COVID-19 outbreak via sewage sampling, embed antiviral nanoparticles into fabric via ultrasound, and more.

Publish date: 04/07/2020

IEEE Medal of Honor Goes to Transistor Pioneer Chenming Hu

The Life Fellow brought transistors into the third dimension.

Publish date: 04/01/2020

IndieBio to Give 8 Coronavirus-Tech Startups at Least $250,000 Each

Y Combinator, Plug and Play, and StartX accelerators also fast-track efforts to help entrepreneurs develop technologies to address the pandemic.

Publish date: 04/01/2020

What the Right To Repair Movement Gets Wrong

Repair should be an option not a mandate.

Publish date: 04/01/2020

Kurt Petersen, 2019 IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient, Is Mr. MEMS

An ink stain on the floor led to a lifetime of building micro devices and sensors and macro companies.

Publish date: 03/25/2020

Scientists Can Work From Home When the Lab Is in the Cloud

Strateos is building a cloud of robotic laboratories for chemists and biologists developing new drugs.

Publish date: 03/24/2020

Programming Without Code: The Rise of No-Code Software Development

Microsoft’s Power Apps, Oracle’s Visual Builder, and other tools let you create software without needing to code.

Publish date: 03/19/2020

U.S. Women in Tech Are Paid Less Than Men—Except in Minnesota

The gender pay gap persists across most of tech, but may have closed in cloud engineering, systems architecture, and network engineering.

Publish date: 03/17/2020