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A New Academy Helps E-Sports Players Go Pro

The Centry Academy of Gaming and Esports offers classes on strategy, making money, and building a fan base.

Publish date: 03/03/2020

Try This at Home! Fusion in the Basement

By day, Carl Greninger is a Microsoft IT manager. By night, he’s a fusioneer who inspires students to master fusion science.

Publish date: 03/03/2020

Larry Tesler, the Computer Scientist who Revolutionized the User Interface, Dies at 74

When you cut, copy, or paste today, take a moment to thank Larry Tesler.

Publish date: 02/26/2020

How to Avoid the Complacency Trap

Through self-reflection and bold choices, you can revitalize your career

Publish date: 02/26/2020

5 Survival Tips for Startups Working With Large Companies

The fledgling business should seek a mutually beneficial relationship.

Publish date: 02/26/2020

Google v. Oracle Explained: The Fight for Interoperable Software

In March, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear opening arguments on a case that could reshape the future of software development.

Publish date: 02/26/2020

Go Language Tops List of In-Demand Software Skills

Engineers don’t give Go a lot of love, but employers consider it king, says Hired study.

Publish date: 02/19/2020

Time to Update the Software Engineer Stereotype

The typical software developer is an early bird, drinks just one cup of coffee a day, and never touches Soylent.

Publish date: 02/19/2020

New Math Makes Scientists More Certain About Quantum Uncertainties

New statistical calculations suggest the fundamental quantum limits of some sensitive measurements may have been off by a factor of pi.

Publish date: 02/19/2020

Software Engineering Salaries Jump, Demand for AR/VR Expertise Skyrockets

Meanwhile, Blockchain’s star is fading, Hired report shows.

Publish date: 02/14/2020