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Here’s What Makes a University Great

I have the perception that a handful of universities get the lion’s share of credit for engineering achievement. It seems that their faculty and alumni receive an outsize proportion of awards and academy memberships. I don’t need to name these schools, as I think you know which they are, but for the sake of description I’ll call them the “Greats.”

Publish date: 05/29/2019

Lanetix Pays Software Engineers Fired for Union Organizing

Quick, by show of virtual hands—how many engineers reading this belong to a union? If that question got many “yes” answers, I’d be surprised.

Publish date: 05/24/2019

Arm Founder Saxby Turned a TV Repair Hobby Into an Engineering Career

At its San Diego headquarters, Qualcomm hosted the “IEEE Evening of Innovation” panel discussion on 16 May with four of this year’s award recipients.

Publish date: 05/24/2019

Semiconductor Industry Veterans See the Old Order Crumbling

What will the semiconductor industry look like in 2024? That’s the question Pete Rodriguez, CEO of semiconductor startup incubator Silicon Catalyst, asked a panel—and a roomful—of industry veterans earlier this month.

Publish date: 05/23/2019

Where the Engineering Jobs Are in 2019

Georgia Tech’s engineering students are taking well-paying jobs in microelectronics, avionics, radar, robotics, consumer devices, and cybersecurity, among other fields. It’s the “hottest job market” McLaughlin has seen in his 25-year career—what he calls a “golden era for engineers.”

Publish date: 05/23/2019

Do it in Software or Hardware? VR Audio Takes on the Perennial Question

Hardware and software engineers, as the perennial lightbulb jokes point out, see the world differently. The 737 Max design, reports are now indicating, turned out to involve a series of choices between solving problems in hardware or software.

Publish date: 05/23/2019

Learn to Code for Free

And 42—the school—is really free, Parenteau explained. Even housing is included: Besides the school building, 42 owns a nearby dorm that houses 600; the organization had counted on students from the local community to fill the additional slots.

Publish date: 05/16/2019

Advice for Women, From Women, on Dealing With Difficult Workplace Situations

Women have a more difficult time than men dealing with conflict, because they tend to foster a collaborative work environment, put higher value on fostering relationships with team members, and are more empathetic, says Charmaine Hammond, a conflict-resolution expert.

Publish date: 05/16/2019

Simple, Effective Public Speaking Tips for Engineers

There are few skills that can help you climb the career ladder faster than the ability to speak well in public. Senior management is always on the lookout for employees who can clearly and effectively communicate information, ideas, and new concepts throughout the organization.

Publish date: 05/16/2019

IEEE Survey Finds That Female Technologists Face Unequal Treatment and Sexist Workplaces

Female IEEE members say they face significant discrimination in the workplace, including demeaning comments, inappropriate job-interview questions, and exclusion from networking events and important business meetings.

Publish date: 05/15/2019