career news

From Engineering Intern to Chairman of Tata

Natarajan Chandrasekaran seeks tech solutions to social problems.

Publish date: 09/14/2021

New Resource for University Educators

IEEE's Teaching Excellence Hub helps them adapt to today's changing environment.

Publish date: 09/09/2021

Tomorrow’s AI Will Reason Like Humans, IBM Watson Developer Predicts

David Nahamoo says machines will grok us.

Publish date: 09/09/2021

Safety at Scale: GM’s Ankur Ganguli

Interdisciplinary experience is the key to her automotive career.

Publish date: 08/24/2021

Powered By IEEE Program Saves Startups Money

It offers discounts for the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Freshworks.

Publish date: 08/20/2021

Meet the Newest IEEE-HKN Eminent Member

Maxine Savitz is a leader in energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Publish date: 08/20/2021

From Spacecraft to Sensor Fusion

Iverson Bell leveraged opportunities and risks to create a flexible skill set.

Publish date: 07/29/2021

NSF Engineering Alliance to Help Set Course for Research

Engineers will have a hand in prioritizing topics to fund.

Publish date: 07/20/2021

Cybersecurity Training Program Teaches How to Fend Off Attacks

Hands-on labs replicate real-world threats.

Publish date: 07/20/2021

For the First Time, Scientists Detect a Moving Photon Multiple Times Without Destroying It

Boon for all things quantum.

Publish date: 07/13/2021