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Pandemic Casualties: Careers of Women in Academic STEMM

Make lemonade from those lemons, says those who worked on report from National Academies.

Publish date: 04/14/2021

Job For Particle Accelerators May Be Possible on Tabletop

Cold clouds of atoms—Bose-Einstein Condensates—will test quantum gravity, enable atom-scale lithography and prospect for minerals from afar.

Publish date: 04/06/2021

Let’s Thwart This Terrible Idea for Standards Setting

Yet another way that China–US tensions are threatening technological progress.

Publish date: 04/06/2021

Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says

Michael I. Jordan explains why today’s artificial-intelligence systems aren’t actually intelligent.

Publish date: 04/06/2021

Optical Mouse Inventor Hunts for a Covid Cure—and May Have Found One

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch urges the FDA to quickly approve Fluvoxamine to prevent severe illness from Covid.

Publish date: 04/06/2021

Privacy Entrepreneur Adrian Gropper

Pulling on common threads is the key to success across multiple careers.

Publish date: 04/06/2021

This Oracle Manager Has Been Leading Humanitarian Efforts Since His 20s

Outstanding Young Professional Kartik Kulkarni helped found the IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology.

Publish date: 03/25/2021

Hypergiant Executive’s AI-Ethics Framework Concept Recognized With IEEE Award

The Top of Mind Ethics framework’s criteria analyzes how a client is using AI.

Publish date: 03/25/2021

Training Program Aims to Boost Startups in Low-GDP Countries

IEEE Innovation Nation helps budding entrepreneurs refine their initial idea and develop a working prototype.

Publish date: 03/17/2021

Silicon Valley Stays on Top as Tech Salaries Climb Across U.S.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, AR and VR jobs pay the most.

Publish date: 03/08/2021