Workplace Bullying: Some Findings

By: Marie Donlon

The likelihood of experiencing workplace bullying increases if you are female, young, neurotic and if you had been bullied as a child, according to a recent investigation on the topic.

Some other findings about workplace bullying according to the investigation:

Looking at the personality traits and coping styles of workplace bullying victims, researchers determined that bullying not only undermines the victim, but also results in operational costs to the company as it is often associated with an increase in staff absences and high turnover.

Also costly to employers is the phenomenon of presenteeism, where harassed and bullied workers continue to attend work despite being unfit to do so. Often, these victims refuse to miss work in fear of missing some career opportunity or concern for what others might have to say in their absence. Yet, while these people show up for work, they tend to be less productive than they had been before they experienced the workplace conflict.

Still, despite the number of people who experience workplace bullying and harassment, researchers concluded that only 10 percent of individuals tried to resolve the situation, while only 9 percent made actual complaints.

As such, researchers believe that to effectively tackle the issue of workplace bullying, workplace policies need to address the different bullying behaviors (both covert and overt).

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