Working While Commuting

By: Marie Donlon

Instead of using the time it takes to commute to and from work to unwind, catch up on the news or read a book, most workers report using this time to now catch up on work-related emails. Unfortunately, those valuable hours spent working while in transit go unpaid, exacting a toll on employee health and wellness.

Calling such a trend a reflection of an “always-on” culture where workers are constantly working, even when not in the office, experts believe that devotion of this kind to work can impact employees’ quality of life as well as their health.

Often reading and responding to work-related emails beyond office hours is done with an eye toward saving time. Yet, experts agree that the only thing that responding to and reading emails during an employee’s commute will achieve is more work.

Likewise, having to read and respond to emails during a commute suggests that there isn’t enough time in the day to complete their workload, a telltale sign that employees are overworked.

As such, experts are urging employees to work less if they can. Being overworked will likely take a toll on personal relationships, health (both physical and mental) and on productivity — without compensation.