Where Are the Digital Careers?

By: Lauren Mineau

What way are digital careers going? The annual salary survey from Be-IT, a large IT company in the U.K., provides a snapshot of average salary levels for a broad range of roles, from jobs in analysis to infrastructure, and from entry-level jobs to management roles within Scotland’s digital technology sector.

The figures are based on the company’s candidate database and work placements across 2017, a survey carried out by an independent third-party and data from industry bodies including ScotlandIS and ITJobsWatch.

The results from 2017 show a surprising variation in figures. Fields that one often hears about as being in high demand, like project management, security and testing, had highs and lows in 2017. Some fields however, like contract work, have fallen in general.

“As always with studies of this kind, it's important to remember that the market does vary and skills appreciate according to supply and demand.  Other factors affecting salaries are location, company and individual performance and experience, technological change and people's ability to keep up with new trends,” Be-IT said in a news release. Next week, we'll show you the trends in people moving jobs and career planning.