What to Look for in a Remote Job

Fully remote work is something that is entirely possible in many career fields. While it is not for everyone, some see it as the perfect situation for themselves. However, it requires a unique set of things to look for, and often things one may not need to ask about in a typical office setting.

The Right Stuff

While email and general correspondence is available from most devices, a company-issued computer or other equipment is something to consider. Wear and tear on personal machines is a cost you shouldn’t have to absorb. Perhaps more importantly, if you’re not in office it is important to have the same software and type of machine as your colleagues – wherever they may be. Virtual meetings are also likely, so this technology is better suited across a network of the same kind of machine within a company.

Getting to Know You

Without lunchroom run-ins or spontaneous chats at the printer, it can be hard to get to know your colleagues behind a computer screen. Make sure there are ways to learn about the people you work with. A good way to start a conversation is to ask about where they live — maybe you’ll learn about a new part of the world as well.  Perhaps ask about someone’s weekend on a Monday morning call, as you’re almost certain to get him or her talking about something non-work related.

Room to Grow

Being stagnant in any regard is usually not great, but remote work without chance for new opportunity, advancement or fresh tasks can make the job feel monotonous. Make sure the company offers performance check-ins and offers opportunity to advance. Remote workers may feel forgotten about without seeing people every day. Be sure your work is recognized!

Do What You Love

Above all, make sure the work is something fulfilling and enjoyable. Like all things, there will be good days and bad days. However, make sure your daily tasks contribute to something satisfying overall.  It can be very hard to stay on track and stay productive when you don’t like the work you do.