Walmart Offices to use Facebook’s Slack Competitor

By: Lauren Mineau

The largest employer in the United States is now using an enterprise version of software from America’s most popular social network. Walmart recently signed up as a customer of Facebook’s interoffice communication platform, Workplace.

Facebook introduced Workplace last year as a workplace tool that connects employee Facebook accounts. But unlike the traditional Facebook messenger app, companies must pay to use Workplace.

While the service isn’t widely talked about, it has signed on some big-name clients like Starbucks, Delta, Lyft and Spotify.

Signing on a major client like Facebook is good PR for Facebook, especially as the company hopes to diversify itself as more than just a social media site. Facebook executives said in a blog post that over 14,000 people now use the Workplace software. The company hopes to be a competitor among companies like Microsoft and Slack in terms of allowing coworkers to chat amongst themselves – from anywhere.

Other companies are changing the way they offer virtual chatting services too. Microsoft also announced this week that it plans to replace Skype for Business with a new Microsoft Teams app. Microsoft plans to release the Teams app in the second half of 2018, a slow start in phasing out Skype for business.

Walmart Is Using Facebook's Enterprise Office Product, Workplace