Trends in Employer Benefits

Source: Pixabay

By: Marie Donlon

Employers are becoming more proactive where it concerns employee health, according to recent trends. Because sick employees can mean lost productivity costing businesses almost $225.8 billion annually ($1,685 per employee), employers have been offering employees benefits that might help reduce that amount by encouraging them to get healthy.

Among the benefits employers may offer employees are:

  • Improved air filtration to help remove potentially harmful particles (i.e., spores, pollen, bacteria, allergens, dust, dirt and cleaning chemicals) that may trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

  • Space, either inside or outside of the office where employees can walk. Encouraging employees to move around is a step toward improving their physical health.

  • Healthy snacks. In lieu of nutritionally-void treats such as Oreos and Doritos, employers are offering healthy vending machine and office snack alternatives.

  • Leisure space. Some employers are offering community space in the office meant for leisure activities designed to help employees unwind and de-stress. These spaces are typically in designated areas away from employee desks and cubicles and may even include areas where employees can nap.

  • Ergonomic furniture. Offering ergonomic seating can go a long way in ensuring the comfort of your employees. Capable of relieving pressure from an employee’s back and neck, ergonomic design encourages healthier postures and can help prevent neck, back and hip pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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