Tips for a Healthy Work Space

Source: Pixabay

By: Marie Donlon

The workplace can oftentimes leave us feeling not-so-great. With its typically drab walls, recirculated air and constant sitting, eight hours can you leave you feeling less than productive and not-so-healthy. Now, a recent study has come up with a few tips for feeling better at the office. And it all starts at your desk.

Stand Up

Sitting for eight plus hours a day is unhealthy. There is no way around it. Often resulting in back and neck pain, the average worker should find ways to get up and moving throughout the day. Better still: request a standing desk from your ergonomics/HR personnel. Standing up will help alleviate the neck and back pain and, according to some research, may even improve your digestion.

Drop That Donut

Your workplace is probably packed with unhealthy vending machine options or snacks offered by well-meaning coworkers. Instead of binging on cookies or donuts, make sure to have health options stored out of sight at your desk.

Drink Up

By staying hydrated, you can actually kill two birds with one stone. Filling up on water will fight hunger pains and likely have you frequently heading to the restroom, thereby forcing you to get in some extra steps.

Add a Plant

Do not underestimate the curative powers of nature. According to a study on the topic of workplace plants, employees with plants around their desks used fewer sick days than those without plants.

Color Me Good

Adding a splash of color to your surroundings can produce reactions that challenge those elicited by the drab gray ones typical of most office settings. For instance, adding some red to your cubicle may ignite a passion for your work. Adding a hint of green might result in feelings of tranquility as you deal with difficult customers.

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