Tips for Reducing Your Workplace Carbon Footprint

By: Marie Donlon

While your attempts at reducing your carbon footprint at home are going well as you recycle and minimize packaging there, those efforts can be undone as soon as you set foot at work.

In an effort to consistently work toward reducing your carbon footprint, consider the following suggestions:


Make sure that your workplace has a system for recycling paper with designated containers marked clearly to indicate their function.

If your company doesn’t have a paper recycling program, make sure to take your own steps toward cutting back on paper use in the office. For instance, instead of printing unnecessary documents, send information via email. However, if you have no choice but to print your documents, make sure to print that information on both the front and back of the paper.

Turn It Off

Turn everything off in the office as you are heading home for the evening. Turning off personal equipment and other office equipment like photocopiers will likely impact your office carbon footprint while also saving your company money on the electric bills.

Make sure to also turn off often forgotten things like overhead lighting and coffee makers.

Turn It Down

Make sure that your office interior temperature is level year-round so that you aren’t experiencing indoor temperature extremes.


If it is possible, leave your car at home and get to the office via public transportation or by bicycle. If you aren’t close to a public transportation hub, or if cycling to work isn’t realistic, consider locating coworkers who live nearby that you could carpool with.

Remote Work

Considering the impact that cars have on the environment, working from home, if possible, will reduce the number of cars on the road.

Cancel That Flight

Have an out-of-town business trip that requires travel by plane? Consider conducting that meeting through a teleconferencing system or video link to save on greenhouse gas emissions.

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