These Five Job Titles are Growing Fast

As it often goes, the ebbs and flows of the job market mean some titles are being phased out and some are growing at a rapid pace.

Recently, LinkedIn released a list of the top five fastest-growing job titles based on posts on the site and member data. These jobs are some of the fastest growing in the United States and with plenty of room to grow.

Data Scientist, which entails topics from statistics and systems engineering to data mining and machine learning.

  •     Growth rate since 2012: 6.5x
  •     Jobs on LinkedIn:  6,000+
  •     Median US Salary: $113,00

Sales Development Representative, typically includes lead generation, prospecting, negotiating, and managing accounts.

  •     Growth rate since 2012: 5.7x
  •     Jobs on LinkedIn:  8,000+
  •     Median US Salary: $58,000

  Customer Success Manager, providing support and customer service via email, phone, chat, social media post, or in person.

  •     Growth rate since 2012: 5.6x
  •     Jobs on LinkedIn:  35,000+
  •     Median US Salary: $82,300

Full Stack Developer, which includes working with servers and host configurations, performing database integrations, and troubleshooting front-end development issues.

  •     Growth rate since 2012: 4.5x
  •     Jobs on LinkedIn:  7,000+
  •     Median US Salary: $75,000

Marketing Content Manager, which crafting an effective message and optimizing content for your brand among other communication-related duties.

  •     Growth rate since 2012: 3x
  •     Jobs on LinkedIn: 2,000+
  •     Median US Salary: $73,500