These Companies No Longer Require A Degree

By: Lauren Mineau

As the seeming importance of a college education rises, so does the prospect of spending most of your adult life paying for it. Some people don’t have the money or means to do that, but that no longer means their job prospects are also lessened.

Lots of companies are offering good jobs for those without a degree. Several of these companies note they are vetting people more based on their work ethic and other talents, and some are even offering help for people to finish or earn a degree, if they desire.

Job posting and review site Glassdoor compiled a list of companies that no longer vet candidates based on their education level. Many of the companies are large household names and they’re hiring for well-paying jobs with benefits.


The mega search engine is currently hiring for many positions including product managers, software engineers, administrative jobs, and marketing positions in offices across the United States. In most job descriptions, they ask for a “BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.”

Ernst & Young

This Big Four accounting firm was one of the first to drop the requirement. According to the company, they look for workers “regardless of their background.” They also offer an apprentice program.


The computer and smartphone giant employs thousands of people and they’re looking for more. Apple is hiring for engineering product managers, tech specialists, product design and more. Some positions do require a degree, but many just ask for “Apple quality.”


Across many cities, IBM is looking for lots of people in the recruiting department, product management, research, and client relations. Many reviews boast about the company’s tremendous benefits as well.