The Benefits of Working a Second Job, Part 2

By: Marie Donlon

Helps Job Security

 If there is any concern whatsoever about the safety of a primary job, it might not hurt to get out there and get something to help supplement income while feeling like your first job is on shaky ground. While layoffs or the suspicion of layoffs can be taxing, having something to fall back on in the event of a job loss can make it less so.

Helps with Socializing

 As an adult it is difficult to make and keep new friends, particularly in those years after college. Often, the friends people make in those later years are generally found in the workplace. For those looking to meet people outside of work, or who are having trouble making lasting friendships in their current profession, they may want to try meeting people in another industry entirely. If you are having trouble meeting people, perhaps taking on a second job could change that. Particularly consider a second job in the hospitality industry.

Helps with Shopping

Everyone has a place that they like doing business; whether that place is somewhere to get clothing or where they buy food, scoring a second job there might endow that person with discounts or employee coupons specific to that particular store. Working a part-time job at a place where you often buy your clothes can have the dual benefit of offering that clothing at a discount while you make money.

Helps with Interests

Working a job you don’t particularly like or in a field you have little interest in can make for a long day. A second job in a field that does interest you can make the day go much faster. By balancing out your day, the first job won’t feel so tedious. The second job may give you the chance to blow off steam from the first job because it is it something you enjoy.

Working a second job that lets you pursue your interests and hobbies outside of your primary job can also help improve an employee’s creativity. Feeling inspired and fulfilled by something you are passionate about will inevitably spill over into your primary career. Having that outlet is bound to make a better employee out of you.

Helps Keep You Busy

Are you someone who doesn’t enjoy downtime? If you don’t, definitely consider taking on an evening job or some other part-time work. Use your down time to keep busy while you are earning a second income.

Some Tips

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of working a second job, here are some tips to consider about working a second job:

  • Make sure to look at a field unrelated to your primary job as this will help prevent burnout with overexposure to the same type of work.

  • And, perhaps, most importantly: Double-check your company’s handbook, making sure that there aren’t polices against moonlighting.


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