Ten Cities Where Women See Career Success

By: Lauren Mineau

As of February 2018, the U.S Department of Labor reports that nearly 47 percent of the American workforce is female. Where can nearly half the workforce find success? Real estate company SmartAsset recently released some findings on which American cities women could look to.

The list includes a range of cities across the country — no coast takes the cake here. Researchers looked at six factors. They studied the percentage of women with Bachelor’s degrees, median earnings for full-time female employees, the unemployment rate among women, percent of businesses opened by women, average housing costs, and incomes.

  1. Arlington, Virginia

This D.C. metro has the highest paid women on the list, according to U.S. Census data. The median average salary here is $80,200, with nearly 57 percent of women earning more than $75,000.

  1. Scottsdale, Arizona

This Southwest city ranks a distant second. Full-time working women here earn $56,600 on average. Only 3.5 percent of women are unemployed in this city.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

Nearly one-third of all women in this city hold a Bachelor’s degree. While women here are educated, it ranks slightly lower for median salary, but the cost of living is less than some other metros.

  1. San Francisco, California (tie)

With this area being a thriving innovation hub, many of the women working here have tech jobs. Full-time working women in San Francisco are paid nearly $72,000 on average, a figure only surpassed by women in Arlington. Just under 49 percent of full-time working women in SF earn at least $75,000. However, the cost of living is much higher here.

  1. Alexandria, Virginia (tie)

Data shows the average full-time Alexandria working woman earns $67,000 per year. Women in this D.C. metro also score well in education — just about 30 percent have a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Women here do well but don’t earn as much as some other cities. The average full-time working woman here earns just over $47,000 per year. However, only 20 percent of full-time working women take home over $75,000 per year. But on the bright side, housing costs account only for about 28 percent of the average full-time working woman’s income.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Women in this city spend the least amount of money on housing: only about 27 percent of their take-home income. This city sits lower on the list due to its unemployment rate, which is about 5.1 percent.

  1. Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital is a great place for women in tech and government work. But it also has a high percentage of women who own their own businesses they make up about 40 percent of the small business community here. The median earnings for full-time working women in D.C. is $65,060, the fifth-highest score in the country.

  1. Plano, Texas

Just over 27 percent of full-time working women in Plano earned at least $75,000. However, average monthly housing costs are about $1,400 here, which would take up about 33 percent of the average woman’s pay. The unemployment rate here is rather low, only about 3.1 percent.

  1. Denver, Colorado

Women in the Mile High City rank well above the median income at about $48,000. But they end up tenth due to high housing costs and a low percentage of women-owned businesses.