Swipe Right on Your Next Mentor

By: Lauren Mineau

Swiping in an app to meet people is no longer just for your personal life. LinkedIn recently introduced a new tool, called Shapr, which will connect mentors to mentees based on a number of factors.

The application uses an algorithm to provide potential matches based on location, industry, tagged interests, and general professional experience. Just like certain dating apps, users swipe right if they are interested and left if they are not. If there’s a mutual right swipe, the app will alert users of a match and they can begin chatting.

The company says the plan is to create mindful networking. Rather than getting your business cards into the hands of a ton of people, why not make a handful of meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships?

Shapr’s website highlights several success stories that have already happened thanks to the app. One story details an entry level NYC-based journalist who met two experienced journalists who have been open and offered career-shaping advice. In talking about the kinds of stories they love to write and produce, they all found common ground and now have a professional relationship.

Another testimonial tells about a user who found a way to turn his passion into a career. He left his medical research job to run a youth organization that uses hip hop dance as a way for kids to express and discover themselves. Being new to the nonprofit sector after making the switch, Shapr allowed this user to make beneficial connections.

The app lets you see 10-15 new matches per day, rather than sifting through hundreds of profiles that may not be good fits. In just a few minutes a day, you can have a good selection of people to collaborate with. All in less time than it takes to attend a networking mixer.

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