Survey Reveals That Men Enjoy Housework More Than Work

By: Marie Donlon

Results from a recent time-use survey conducted by the Centre for Time Use Research suggest that men might enjoy household chores more than they enjoy their own jobs.

A survey of over 4,000 workers taken in 2015 asked respondents to rate each ten-minute increment of their day on a scale from one to seven, with one being “not at all” enjoying it and seven being enjoying it “very much.”

On average, men rated their actual paying jobs a score of 4.4, while they rated the intervals where they did housework a score of 4.5. Interestingly, women gave their paid jobs an average score of 4.5 and housework a score of 4.4.

Additionally, the survey revealed what occupations were associated with the highest levels of enjoyment. For men, those positions were in the health industry, caring occupations and culture, media and sports jobs. For women, those positions were agricultural, leisure industry and transportation occupations.

The results of the survey were revealed at the recently held British Sociological Association Employment Conference in Belfast.