Survey Reports that Engineers Salaries are Up

IEEE Career News Editorial Team

Are salaries for engineers going up? Are women entering the profession in greater number?

Zweig Group, a well-respected consulting firm that provides business information services to engineering firms, has released their 2018 Salary Surveys of Engineering Firms. The answers to the two questions posed above are yes and yes. Average salary is up 3.4 percent. Women, particularly young women (ages 18-25) made up 15 percent of all women in the survey.

The survey revealed that the workforce in the Mountain-Pacific region is significantly younger than those in the Eastern and Central regions. One possible cause? Overall higher-than-average growth in the region, fueled by progressive legislation like the legalization of marijuana.

The survey covers both college-graduate engineers and technicians and other non-licensed positions. For more information, see the article on IEEE GlobalSpec’s Engineering360.