Summer is the Perfect Time to Jumpstart a Career

By: Marie Donlon

As summer approaches and many offices experience slowdowns in workloads thanks to summer vacations, experts suggest this is the perfect time to work on career goals.

With less to do in the office and with longer days, research suggests that summer is the perfect time to either intensify a job search, work toward a promotion or simply build upon the career you already have.

Experts recommend: 

  • Reaching out to those in your network that you have previously been out of touch with. Reestablishing a connection with that person might tip you off to job openings they might be aware of within their company.

  • Use this downtime to develop a new skill or to work on enhancing one you already have. Take a class or even use your work time to study on your own. Learning a new skill not only keeps you sharp, it also helps to build up your resume.

  • Use the summer to declutter both your physical space and the space on your computer. This will help improve productivity by removing distractions, both physical and digital, from your view.