Should Non-Smokers Get Extra Vacation Days Each Year?

By: Marie Donlon

According to a recent report, many nonsmokers in the workplace want to be compensated for the time smokers spend taking smoke breaks, which according to researchers roughly adds up to the equivalent of six work days’ worth of smoking each year.

Considering the effect on productivity and finances that smoking can have on the workplace, researchers from e-cigarette manufacturer Halo conducted a survey of over 1,000 nonsmokers and found the following:

  • 80 percent of smokers thought that smoke breaks were fair while 25 percent of non-smokers didn’t.

  • 42 percent of nonsmokers felt that they should be given three to five extra vacation days a year to balance out the time lost to smoke breaks.

  • 25 percent of nonsmokers felt that they should get an extra day or two of vacation time each year.

  • 14 percent of nonsmokers believed that they should get seven extra days off a year.

  • 20 percent of nonsmokers didn’t think they were entitled to time off at all.

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