Roughly 4 in 10 Americans Work a Side Gig, According to Survey

By: Marie Donlon

The number of Americans working a second job is climbing, with that figure reaching 37 percent, according to a new Bankrate survey.

That number means roughly 4 in 10 American workers are doing side jobs ranging from home repairs, gig economy jobs as well as positions in child care, ride-sharing, freelance writing and sales, to name a few.

Of the 37 percent of workers reporting that they work a second job, 59 percent consider that “side job” money as disposable income while 37 percent report having to rely on that money for everyday expenses.

Additionally, making up that 37 percent are mostly millennials attempting to pay off mounting student loan debt or preparing for a job loss in an insecure job market, according to Diane Mulcahy, author of "The Gig Economy."

"When I talk to millennials, I think two things really come up. One is that they're very aware that there's no job security, so they're the least likely generation to kind of settle into a full-time job and assume that everything's going to be OK," Mulcahy told Bankrate. "The other reason is clearly economic. Most millennials at least on the professional end who have been to college have significant debt and a lot of them are looking for ways to either build a financial cushion or reduce their debt faster."