Not Everyone Wants to See Dogs in the Workplace, Study

By: Marie Donlon

Fast-becoming a popular benefit in the workplace, letting employees bring their beloved dogs to work with them is not viewed as a benefit by everyone, according to a new survey from YouGov.

Asking 5,778 U.S. adults about their feelings concerning dogs in the workplace, the survey found the following:

  • One third (35 percent) of the workers polled felt that dogs in the workplace should be discouraged.

  • Over 28 percent encouraged dogs in the workplace.

  • Another 28 percent of respondents were ambivalent.

Divided up by region, people living in the Northeast were more likely to encourage dogs in the workplace than those living in the South, Midwest and West.

When divided up by age, older people were more likely to discourage dogs in the workplace than younger people.

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