Napping to Improve Workday Productivity

By: Marie Donlon

Feeling worn out and the idea of going about the rest of your work day is unbearable? Go ahead and take a nap.

According to research, napping in the middle of the workday can help increase productivity, creativity, as well as intelligence, making for an all-around better employee. Likewise, according to a related study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder, naps help people better manage anxiety and help with problem solving efforts.

In fact, according to the same study, bypassing that afternoon cup of coffee in favor of an afternoon power nap will be more effective — lasting longer than caffeine and without the inevitable crash.

In addition to productivity benefits, napping, according to the research, results in improved health as well as improved mood, thus making it easier for coworkers to work with you. You’re also less likely to make mistakes in your work following a nap.

Now we are tasked with convincing our employers to create inviting spaces for employees to nap.