Make Some Workplace Resolutions for 2019

By: Marie Donlon

With the arrival of 2019, folks are engaged in the time-honored task of resolution-making, keeping and breaking. Typically, people concentrate on their personal or financial health when they design such resolutions. Yet, apart from general resolutions about making career changes in the new year, little thought is given to making resolutions specific to a workers’ current workplace.

Why not resolve to make some positive changes at work? Sometimes small changes can have a big impact. 

Clean Up

A messy desk might signal to colleagues and managers that an employee is disorganized and thus incapable of keeping track of their ongoing projects. Additionally, a messy desk might interfere with productivity. Resolving to start 2019 with a freshly cleaned desk might go a long way toward improving both productivity and assumptions about a worker’s clutter. Start by creating an organized filing system for documents that will prevent future pileups. Likewise, vow to take home excess personal items such as photos and other personal touches that adorned your desk in 2018.

Volunteer for Projects

If you have been hesitant in previous years to sign up for projects or other duties seemingly out of the realm of your job description, resolve in 2019 to do more. Volunteering for such projects will earn you praise from associates and possibly higher-ups while also earning you the reputation as a team player. A willingness to take on more may even earn the notice of those making promotional decisions.

Leave the Smartphone at Home or in Your Desk

Smartphones are notoriously distracting. Whether they are being scanned for the news of the day or used to keep up on what is happening on social media, limit their usage in the workplace. Getting caught in the act of scanning your phone might earn you the reputation for being a less-than-productive worker. Consider leaving the phone in the car or hidden away inside a desk drawer during work hours and only glimpsing it on designated breaks or lunch hours.

Practice Punctuality

Though it may seem obvious, being punctual — be it for a meeting, a deadline for a project or when reporting to the office for the day — demonstrates to others that you are competent and that you respect the time of others as well. Arriving at work even minutes after you are scheduled to or missing the beginning moments of a meeting might signal to others that you are unfocused and unreliable. In 2019, make it your mission to get to work and meetings on time by setting alarms to go off in the moments leading up to meetings as a reminder. To meet project deadlines, consider selecting from the wealth of project management software available for keeping deadlines straight.

Chat Up Your Co-workers

Though this advice may seem at odds with general recommendations for maintaining productivity in the workplace, it is extremely important to network with people you work with. In the event that your department is downsized, knowing other managers and supervisors in the company could mean opportunities in other departments. Building relationships in the workplace may also pave the way for unexpected career advancements.


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