IBM Hoping to Bring AI to Every Workplace

By: Marie Donlon

IBM has announced that it will bring an artificial intelligence (AI) toolset inspired by its Watson technology to businesses in nine different industries.

The tech giant expects that the new tool will help in the agricultural industry as it can be used to gather and analyze weather data, internet of things tractor data and satellite imagery.

Additionally, IBM sees the tool as benefitting the customer service industry as it will help speed up the process of answering customer questions. Likewise, the technology is expected to improve productivity in marketing, advertising, manufacturing, industrial equipment, human resources, supply chain and the automotive industry.

“As data flows continue to increase, people are overwhelmed by the amount of information we have to act on every day, but luckily the information explosion coincides with another key technological advance: artificial intelligence,” said David Kenny, Senior Vice President, IBM Cognitive Solutions.

“AI is the tool professionals need to take advantage of the data that’s now at our fingertips and tailoring general AI for specific industries and professions is a critical way to enable everyone to reach new potential in their daily jobs.”