Homeowner Converts 110-year-old Tree into Library

By: Lauren Mineau

The trunk of a 110-year-old cottonwood tree in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has been converted into a mini library.

In collaboration with a non-profit organization called the “Little Free Library,” which encourages people to read and share books, homeowner Sharalee Armitage Howard had the tree stump of a dying 110-year-old cottonwood tree on her lawn hollowed out and equipped with shelves to display books. The structure is also outfitted with lighting, a roof, a door and front steps.

Documenting the transformation on her Facebook page, Howard's dying cottonwood tree was dropping limbs all over a nearby sidewalk and street in the years leading up to its recent removal. However, Howard, a former bookbinder, artist and librarian, decided to convert the large stump left behind following the tree’s removal into a free library for her neighborhood to enjoy.

A similar creative endeavor took shape last year in the Turkish city of Trabzon when a Pegasus Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway just above the Black Sea. Following reports that all 162 passengers and six crewmembers aboard the plane that day had survived, the mayor of Trabzon asked Pegasus Airlines to gift the plane to the city so that it could be converted into a library.

There are currently around 75,000 little free libraries in neighborhoods around the world.

Source: Sharalee Armitage Howard/Facebook