Highlighting Soft Skills

Source: Alhayanasreen / CC BY-SA 4.0

By: Marie Donlon

Personal attributes, also called soft skills, are becoming just as if not more valuable in the workplace as technical skills, according to recent research.

With an emphasis on being able to work well with others, some employment experts are advising those entering the labor market to concentrate on and highlight those skills that they may already possess.

The soft skills that employers tend to value include a candidate’s ability to think critically, to communicate well, to be both curious and creative, and to demonstrate that they are capable of being responsible and adept at conflict management.

Developing these qualities will likely be easier than being technically trained at a skill. However, experts caution that not everyone possesses these skills. According to the research, practice makes perfect and experts recommend assigning tasks like reading (for communication), writing (for creativity) and listening (for conflict management) to improve upon soft skills.

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