Here’s How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

By: Lauren Mineau

In a sea of LinkedIn pages, cover letters, and job postings, it can be hard to know what to say to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Certain words are more likely to stick out to a recruiter, according to a recent survey conducted by Grammarly, an app that acts as your personal proofreader.

The study reviewed the profiles of Fortune 500 employees and found the most common terms they used on their pages. Among them:

  • Leader (showing up in 30 percent of profiles)
  • Strategic
  • Solution
  • Innovative
  • ROI (return on investment)

"These kinds of terms help recruiters easily search and find qualified candidates on LinkedIn," Grammarly recruiter Angela Ritter said in a post on Grammarly's website. "Having common business language on your profile is important, but you have to be prepared to talk about your expertise with those terms."

These buzzwords didn’t just show up on high-level executive profiles either, lots of managers and mid-level employees appeared to use these terms as well.

Other aspects of a profile were also analyzed, including word count and detail on job descriptions. The study found that entry-level employees wrote less about what they did, while upper-level employees wrote more regarding their tasks and duties.

Reasoning behind this is rather obvious, the more you have done, the more you have to write about. But recruiters hope to see more entry-level hopefuls touting their work in college or internships with the same enthusiasm as a manager.

“When you’re fresh out of school, detailing your collegiate accomplishments can play a factor in landing a position. It further demonstrates your work ethic and ability to multitask to a hiring manager who is getting to know you,” Ritter said.